Thursday, February 19, 2009



2-1/2 ounces, wool and angelina.
Nice blend of oranges and yellow, with a little bronze angelina.
For sale now!
Click here if interested.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Midnight Sparkle Batt

Three 2-ounce bundles up for grabs in my Etsy Store right now. More to come by the weekend!

Many shades of blue, impossible to capture in a photo, and a bit of silver angelina for fun.

Soft. Pretty. Thanks or looking!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow, thanks....

All of the grape and its variant colorways have been sold, as have my Midnight Blues batts. Thanks so much!

I have more wool soaking out to make another batch of Midnight Blues, but it will take some time to dry before I can card it and list it in the store.

Has anyone tried carding according to what The Yarn Harlot said on her blog? Throwing the fiber in sideways?

Well, I tried it, and I like the look of the batts, but I want to try spinning some first, before I list any for sale. If the resulting yarn pleases me, chances are good it will please my customers, too, so watch this spot for updates!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


In the store now!

Wild Grapes 100% wool spinning batts

Teal Degrees 100% wool spinning batts

Queen of Hearts 100% wool spinning batts

Frosted Grapes wool/silk blend spinning batt

Purple Fleck 70% silk/30% polyester blend textured fingering weight yarn

Wild Grapes DK weight 100% wool yarn - 200 yard skein - feltable!

Russet DK weight 100% wool yarn - 200 yard skein - feltable!

With the exception of Purple Fleck, which is a commercial yarn, all these yarns and batts were hand dyed and processed by me. Alas, all I did in the preparation of Purple Fleck was skein it up and wash it. Still it's nice stuff, just not as much of an Accomplishment.

Please visit Mad Angel Creations if interested in any of the above.

Broad Atlantic Spinning Batt

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I should be posting pics of something that looks more like roses and chocolate, but that wasn't what I grabbed from my ready-dyed stash first. Oh, well...

I've just put this one in my Etsy Store. Only 2 ounces, but this wool can be spun quite fine. I got a nice 2-ply sock weight from a batch of green I spun back in the Fall. Very nice stuff to work with, but please be forewarned that it is not superwash.

Also still available is "Grape Sparkle," pictured below.

It's a lovely, soft wool with a touch of angelina for sparkle. The colors range from pale grayish lavender to fuschia to an occasional streak of black. I think there's just about every shade of grape in this you can possibly imagine, and the photo cannot begin to do the subtleties of this colorway full justice. It's the same wool as I used in "Broad Atlantic," so the same rules apply. It's not superwash, it can be spun as fine as you like, etc.

Happy shopping!