Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Hat!

I can't seem to resist making hats these days. Hats, snoods, kerchiefs...I want to have a nice selection of them, to go with my wardrobe.
I know, know. How many does one need to go with jeans and an unending array of t-shirts?
Well, I don't always wear jeans and t-shirts. Everything under the sun, hat-wise, will go with them.
This is the very beautiful Druidess Beret by Anna Bright. It was an engaging knit, and a relatively quick one, if you enjoy cables as much as I do. Also, this wonderful pattern is free!

Next time I make one, I will use a lighter weight yarn. This is some Brora Softspun I bought on a cone at Webs several years ago. It's an Aran weight, and the pattern calls for Jamison Soft Shetland which, if memory serves me correctly, is a DK weight. But I don't have a DK weight in a yarn that will match my Inishmaan-in-progress. This is the same yarn. I may have enough to finish the sweater and a matching skirt. I'd love to have both skirt and sweater done by the time I go to Ireland in November, but for sure I will at least have the sweater and the hat, and that would satisfy me.

The second picture captures detail well, but the other three pictures are a more accurate representation of the color.

Hot as blazes here today, but that did not deter me from working with wool. It never does. There is No Bad Time for Wool!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Spinning Batts!

Just carded today! Please visit Mad Angel Creations if any of these unique batts is calling your name!
Iris. Wool, Silk Noil, & Angelina.
Water Lily. Wool, Silk Noil, & Angelina.
Fire. Wool, Bamboo, & Angelina.